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Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Teacher training programme) (Full-Time)

Entry requirements      :  Minimum of O/L with English language and Maths.

Course length                 :  Full- time students –   15 Months (full- time)

AECD Studies offers you 6 months of work placement in a reputed Early Childhood Development Centres.

Over the fifteen months of your course, you will undertake a minimum of 740 hours of placement working with children under the age of six.

Weekend course for workers – 15 Months (part-time)

The applicants those who currently work in a school or nursery must also include a reference letter from your school Principle/ Nursery Manager supporting your work placement. For further details please contact Admissions.

Tutorials – Full-time students –  5 days a week 8:30 am to 11:30 am

3 hours of lectures in lecture rooms, including a mixture of personal, group and academic tutorials per day.

Course Fees for full time  : Rs.100,000.00

Payment Plan

full – time students  15 months course                          

Payment 1 : Rs.40,000.00 at enrollment

Payment 2: Rs.30,000.00 within two months

Payment 3: Rs.30,000.00  within three months

If you pay the full amount at the time of enrollment you will get 5% discount (Rs.95,000.00)

Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Part-Time)

Work-based: We also give equal consideration to applicants who are currently in work and wish to apply to the Academy of Early Childhood Development Studies.

Tutorials – Part-time students – Sundays  Only – 9.00 am to 3.00 pm

Course Fees for part-time  : Rs. 100,000.00

Payment Plan

Payment 1 : Rs.40,000.00 at  enrollment

Payment 2: Rs.30,000.00 within two months

Payment 3: Rs.30,000.00 within three months

If you pay the full amount at the time of enrollment you will get 5% discount (Rs.95,000.00)

The qualifications required to work with young children are changing and the Diploma in Early Childhood Studies is the gold standard for the sector, drawing on Academy of Early Childhood Studies reputation as the leading childcare qualification specialist.

Course Intake: September 2021

Qualification Structure: Academy Of Early Childhood Development Studies NVQ Level 4 Diploma in Early Childhood Education Workforce focuses on Thirteen Subjects

M-01 Guide to Develop Psycho Motor Skills 
M-02 Assist to Build Aesthetic Abilities 
M-03 Guide to Language Development of the Child 
M-04 Guide to Ability Development Related to Health, Nutrition and Sports 
M-05 Guiding the Child to become eco–friendly 
M-06 Awareness Regarding Co-existence Habits and Values 
M-07 Guide to Develop Social Skills 
M-08 Guide to Develop intellectual skills 
M-09 Use Teaching Methods 
M-10 Manage Early Childhood Development Centre 
M-11 Have Continuous Professional Development 
M-12 AMI Methods (Maria Montessori Methods)
M-13 Children with Special Needs


  • Gain an internationally recognised NVQ Level 4 Diploma qualification
  • Will be able to work as a lead teacher in a nursery or kindergarten with children aged birth to 5
  • Will gain knowledge of children aged 5 to 11 years

Approach to Assessment

A range of assessment methods will be used on the programme to assess the learning outcomes of the modules.

Assessment methods include:

* Written assignments

* Essays

* Reports

* A production of a creative resource

* Live project work

*  Presentation – Individual/ Group

* Case studies

* Written examinations

Breakdown of assessment methods used on this course

Written exams                 40%

Practical exams              20%

Assignment                     20%

Presentation                    20%

Coursework                     100%